What You Need To Do Before Scheduling Cash For A Car Without Title Removal

If you have an unwanted, trashed or old vehicle, you can have it removed and earn some money. This is a win-win situation for you and the company you sell to. Here’s what you need to do before you schedule the cash for a car without title removal.

Take out your personal items

Get rid of any personal items from the vehicle. It’s likely that some of your belongings might still be in the motor. Therefore, go through the auto thoroughly to see if there are any valuables inside.

Check the trunk, glove compartment, under the rugs, door and seat pockets. Scrutinize any crevices like those in between seats. Once no title junk car removal is carried out, anything that has been left in it will belong to us.

Chuck out any fuel

If there’s any fuel in the auto, get rid of it. You can siphon it out. This will save the title junk car removal company the time to do it. Moreover, we don’t need the fuel, as we won’t use it. This can also help prevent leakage during transportation. It can also help you negotiate better rates with us.

Assess if there are any hazardous materials

Check if there are any dangerous substances in the auto. For instance, gasoline or oil. In case they are there, dispose them off safely. If the battery is still connected, disconnect it.

Remove the registration plates

Whenever you’re disposing off any vehicle, you need to return the registration plates to the Motor Vehicle Commission. This proves that your ownership of the auto has ended and registration terminated. This allows you to cancel it’s insurance.


When you sell car without title, you kill two birds with one stone. You make some money, while also disposing off a vehicle that’s no longer working. For a smooth and professional transaction, contact us today!