What Happens After You Trade Junk Cars For Cash In Memphis TN

When your vehicle is at the end of its usefulness, it might be challenging to sell it to a dealership. In such cases, selling it to a junkyard is the better option. You can trade junk cars for cash in Memphis TN on our website. You will end up making a few hundred or thousand dollars. You may wonder what happens after you sell your auto.

We will tow it

Once you search for cash for junk cars near me, find our website and give us a call, and we’ll come where you are. After finalizing the deal, we tow the vehicle to our yard. If it’s in good condition, we spruce it up and resell it. But if it is deteriorated, we dismantle it and sell off any salvageable parts. Anything that remains is crushed and recycled.

You can sell us your vehicles that don’t run

We pay cash for junk cars that don’t run. Nevertheless, this is likely to cost much less than a functioning vehicle.

Someone will purchase the vehicle

Since we resell functioning vehicles, your auto will get a new home. Most buyers will refurbish it. Despite the negative attitude some people might have towards junked vehicles, they provide a valuable service to those who can’t afford to spend much.

We keep it for our use

We keep some vehicles for our use. We can use the parts from an old auto to repair other vehicles.


In some cases, we can donate vehicles to charity. This is a great way to support great causes.


Overall, selling to us is one of the ways to get something out of your old or damaged vehicle. We pay cash and we take out the effort and time of driving it to us since we can come for it. We offer instant cash. With our great reputation in the industry, you can trust us.