Find Out Why We Pay Cash For Your Car

When you look at your old automobile that no longer runs and no longer looks good, it’s probably difficult to imagine that someone might actually want it. Memphis TN Cash for Junk Cars does. We pay top dollar for cars in all conditions. Read on to find out how and why we pay cash for your car even though it has absolutely no value to you.

You can sell your junk car instantly by calling us. One of our team members will give you an offer based upon a few pertinent details. If you drive a vehicle that has in-demand parts, we’ll make you an offer you cannot refuse. We consider the year of manufacture, the make and model of vehicles, and the nature of the local market. Our appraisals are fast and straightforward and we are always completely transparent. If you want to know more about the data that we use to arrive at our numbers, just ask.

When we tow cars away, we use them to source working parts. For older vehicles, certain parts can be difficult to obtain. This is also a great way for consumers to buy automotive components cheaply when they’re having a hard time covering their repair costs. Thus, not only will you be helping yourself when selling to us, but you’ll also be helping others as well.

Our services are great for the natural environment. They keep working parts and usable materials out of the landfill. They also ensure that damaged autos aren’t sitting on residential properties leaking automotive fluids on the ground. If your vehicle has an oil leak or a coolant leak, these are problems that can eventually effect local waterways.

Selling us your vehicle is incredibly easy. We take care of the paperwork and you simply pass over your title or keys. We can pick your auto up at any time, whether you are at home or away. You simply need to tell us where to put your check. If you’re ready to offload a non-working vehicle right now, call us to get started.