We Buy Junk Cars In Memphis; Understanding The Difference Between Junk And Salvage Vehicles

Many people assume that any vehicle that is old, rusty, and uneconomical to repair qualifies for a junk car. The truth is that there is a huge difference between this type of vehicle and a salvage vehicle. When we buy junk cars in Memphis, the type of merchandise you provide helps us decide how to use it and the options to offer during a sale.

Junks are rides that are too damaged to be repaired. These are often vehicles damaged during accidents or those rendered obsolete because of negligence or old age. Additionally, such vehicles often do not have registration papers or special titles. They lack valuable parts that can be salvaged so we often take them directly to scrap yards to reclaim the metal.

A salvage car is one that is not economical to fix. This could also be a vehicle that an insurance company has declared too old or damaged to return to the roads without posing major safety concerns. Cars can be declared a total loss if their drive train is a complete failure or they require extensive and overly expensive cosmetic repairs.

Salvage vehicles have salvage titles meaning that even though they are declared a total loss by insurers, they can still be repaired and driven. This process may be too expensive to make any economic sense, although it is still possible. If you choose to repair such a car and sell it, you are legally required to inform potential buyers about the salvage title. Moreover, most insurers will still turn down the offer to insure a repaired salvage car.

When we buy a salvage car, we maximize on the undamaged parts. In this case, our profits come from those parts that are in excellent state or merely need minimal repairs. This makes our offers for this type of vehicle higher than bids for junks. Call us for a more accurate estimate, irrespective of the merchandise you have.