Common Scams To Observe As You Seek Cash For Junk Automobiles In Memphis TN

Selling your junk automobile is an excellent way to get instant cash as you clear your garage or expand the space in your driveway. Several reputable junkyard dealers are ready to pick up your old cars and give you money as they haul the scrap to their yards. Unfortunately, there are a few scam artists in the market who are ready to exploit unsuspecting vehicle owners. The rest of the post highlights the common scams you should avoid when seeking cash for junk automobiles in Memphis TN.

Examine the Paperwork

Ensure the used car parts buyers or junkyard dealers you chose take care of the auto registration canceling, title transfer, and any other legal documentation. Taking such precautions shields you from incurring hidden fees later after you have already disposed of the car. It is prudent to discuss this upfront with the potential buyers and understand how to sell my old junk car to ensure the legal paperwork is flawless before closing the deal. We engage the owners at every stage as we buy junk cars and facilitate seamless vehicle transfers, and relieve them of all liabilities.

Towing Fee

We always encourage car owners to confirm if dealers offer free towing services and inquire how it fits into the deal. Ensure you seek clarification in your first consultation and ascertain if the old car buyers you get include free towing in their packages. Understanding the usual terms of free towing from dealers eliminates the stress and hassles of hauling the auto parts or the car to their junkyard.

Payment by Check

Cases of unscrupulous scrap car dealers issuing vehicle owners faulty checks have been on the rise in the recent past. You do not want to imagine getting stranded at the bank trying to cash out a bounced check after the dealers have already left. We always encourage sellers to look for buyers who offer cold hard cash for their automobiles. There is nothing wrong with getting a handful of dollars for your old vehicle from reputable dealers.

Ownership Transfer

Always avoid getting caught up with the cash you will get after selling your old vehicle. Ensure the ownership transfer progresses well before shifting to the payment part. Faulty ownership transfer could leave you liable to future traffic and parking tickets even though you no longer own the vehicle. Luckily, our vehicle transfer process is always transparent, and we transfer all the liabilities from the seller once we agree on the junk car purchase.